• Where am I going?
  • What are my goals
  • Find your purpose

A warm welcome to my site, thanks for visiting, I do hope you find it helpful.

I am Oliver Burberry, founder and Christian Life Coach at ‘On Purpose Life Coaching’.

Oliver Burberry

I wonder if you have ever asked any of these questions or similar ones:
– Who am I? Where am I going?
– What on earth am I here for?
– What are my gifts, abilities?
– What is my life purpose?
– What is my value?
– What is success?

As an accredited Christian life coach I am passionate about helping you answer these questions, discovering your purpose and aligning your life with it to live out your full potential. I work to help you attain a better future and a better life today. I coach around life purpose and also any area that you would like to see growth and change.

On Purpose Life Coaching is Christian and based on gaining greater self understanding and revelation of God’s purposes for your life. Jesus could be described as the master life coach, he is the way, the truth and the life. I believe life works best when we discover his purposes and plans for us. In coaching I partner with you to discover and move towards being the person God calls you to be.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their growth” John Whitmore

I am trained as a Christian life coach and a qualified and accredited Life Breakthrough Coach.

On Purpose Life Coaching exists to help you:
Understand your life purpose – this brings meaning and significance and guides all your life choices.
Explore dreams and passions – looking at your hopes and desires for the future.
Set goals and achieve them – setting and working towards realistic and attainable goals.
Getting clear on priorities and having a good balance in your life.
Understand yourself better, your values, personality and uniqueness.
Identify and overcome internal and external barriers to transformation.

Working with me as a Christian life coach also has the benefits that we can explore and coach around:
– Your relationship with God and spiritual life.
– Discovering and aligning with God’s purposes for your life, who has he created you to be and what is his calling for you.
– Living for eternal values and rewards.
– Listening to God, tools to hear God better and walk more closely with him.

All this is rooted in biblical values and principles.

Why have life coaching? Coaching is different from therapy, mentoring or consulting.

The coaching approach is distinctive and has many benefits:
– Respectful and empowering, I will not impose my ideas on you, coaching uses an asking and not telling approach.
– Develops a sense of personal responsibility and ownership of change.
– Does not focus on the past but on the present and the future.
– Coaching gives encouragement and accountability, which are often key to sustaining growth and attaining your goals.
– Personal transformation and growth.
– You are the expert in your life, the coach is there to facilitate and draw out the wisdom and potential in you. Coaching is a partnership approach.

Acorn to tree
Consider what it would mean to you knowing your life purpose, your calling and taking steps towards living out the life and mission that God has for you. Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.. There can be nothing more fulfilling than walking in the paths God has for you.

If you would like to know more please see further details on the coaching options link above.

Please use the contact form or email me and we can arrange for a no obligation chat over the phone, which is an opportunity to ask questions and to check whether coaching is the right thing for you.

Email me at: and I’ll be in touch. I look forward to having the privilege of working together to help you find your purpose and fulfill your potential.

Reach the top of the mountain